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Review Butter & Scotch?is my happy place. Although it?s a few thousand miles away from Paris, Allison Kave and Keavy Landreth opened their mash-up of my two favorite things?cocktails and desserts?in one swell joint, in Brooklyn. Just walking in the door for the first time made me happy. And if they opened one nearby, I?d be happy every evening for the rest of my life. I love cocktails, and I love desserts, so it?s nice to find a great place that combines the two. The only issue for me is that it?s 3000 miles, or 4828 kilometers, away. So I have to wait until I?m in Brooklyn to get my fix.?Thankfully, there?s finally this cookbook, which offers recipes for their S?mores Pie?one of the best desserts I?ve ever had?their addictive caramel corn, their Menta Make a Julep, their Rock & Rye Milkshake, their Birthday Cake (which would play a big part in my recipe for happiness) . . . if this is starting to sound loopy, you?ll have to forgive me. Buy this book. (David Lebovitz, author, My Paris Kitchen) Read more About the Author Keavy?Landreth?and?Allison Kave?are the founders of Butter & Scotch, Brooklyn?s first dessert and craft cocktail bar, located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. In 2014, Keavy and Allison opened their Butter & Scotch storefront, which has received wide acclaim and press coverage. The bakery has been covered by?New York?Magazine,?Nylon, Eater,?USA Today, Refinery29, the?New York Times, Grub Street, the TODAY show,?Food & Wine,?Bon App?tit, and more. ???????????????????????? Before teaming up for Butter & Scotch, Keavy and Allison each had their own successful dessert business.?Keavy?founded Kumquat Cupcakery in 2007 and was one of the first vendors at the Brooklyn Flea, New York?s preeminent market for artisan-made crafts and food. Her mini cupcakes have been featured in the?New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out New York, and on?The Martha Stewart Show,?among many others.?Allison?founded her boutique pie company First Prize Pies in 2010, after winning the Brooklyn Pie Bake-Off. Her pies have been featured in the?New York Times, Food & Wine, Saveur, Eater, Design*Sponge, Serious Eats, the Cooking Channel,?and in many other publications and television shows. Her cookbook,?First Prize Pies, was published in 2014. Read more