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Review ?A consequential book, rich in ideas and powerful in feeling.? (New York Times 2010-10-06)?As thoughtful of a rumination on wine and the beauty of being human, in all of our fragility, that you are ever likely to find in a wine book or any book for that matter.? (Forbes 2011-10-02)'I read it almost in one gulp: he writes beautifully, uninhibitedly... almost, one might say, drunkenly... a man after my own heart.' (-Hugh Johnson 2010-08-02)?Wise and funny, committed and sincere, but never dogmatic. . . .A passionate defense of the importance of wine.? (The World Of Fine Wine 2010-10-01)?Theise first demystifies how to experience wine, then remystifies it by reinstating pleasure as what it?s all about.? STARRED REVIEW (Library Journal 2010-08-01)?Should be required reading for wine aficionados and also for newcomers who might not yet have put voice to their appetites for new and interesting wines. ? (Washington Post 2010-12-01)?Might contain the year's most literate wine writing. Theise, well-known for his lyrical wordsmithing, avoids the usual memoir take and instead pens a rhapsody to the wines he loves, and to the very beauty of wine itself.? (SF Chronicle 2010-11-28)?A wine book that's so stunning, your glass will never look the same.? (Serious Eats / Pithy & Cleaver 2011-02-25)?It's not even wine that Theise is really tackling. It's aesthetics. As such he skillfully reminds us of wine's timeless place in culture.? (SF Chronicle 2010-10-01)?This discussion is general enough that every degree of wine aficionado, from the casual to the deadly serious, can find something of interest.? (Bob Walch 2011-08-29)?Thiese is a man I?d like to drink with. Any wine. ? (Bloomberg News 2010-10-18)?The book is a compelling read.. . . It draws you in as a thinker, makes you wonder and even compels you to argue back at times.? (The Kitchn 2010-12-02)?Terry Theise, perhaps more than any other person, knows how to convey in words just how magical wine can be, and the world needs more of that.? (Vinography 2010-09-17) Read more From the Inside Flap 'There is only one reason that the American wine enthusiast is now completely enamored with German and Austrian wines: Terry Theise! This glorious book not only brilliantly showcases one man's love affair with all the beauties that can flow from the bottle, it definitively makes the case for the wines that are the most superbly suited to be served with food.'?Chef Charlie Trotter'Terry Theise's humane, subtle and engaging book illustrates the superiority of wisdom to mere knowledge. Read and be richer.'?Andrew Jefford, columnist for Decanter and The World of Fine Wine'Impassioned, insistent, and inimitable, Terry Theise is America's foremost wine philosopher. Lots of writers can explain the 'what' of wine. Terry, uniquely, inspires us with the 'why'. I devoured Reading Between the Wines; it's the single best book I've ever read on why wine matters.'?Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible'If you think you know something about wine, try Terry Theise's Reading Between the Wines because until you do, you haven't really started.'?Tom Stevenson, author of Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia Read more See all Editorial Reviews