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Review Advance Praise (1 of 3):?? ? 'Andrew takes us on a journey from not knowing to knowing; he asks good, interesting questions about the role context plays in the design and architecture of understanding.'??-- Richard Saul Wurman? ?'...a thoughtful, well-researched and insightful book, full of key ideas to help you navigate the connected future.'?-- Dave Gray, Author, The Connected Company? ?'...come away better situated in a world remade (but not replaced) by technology, and get ready to give it better architecture.'?-- Malcolm McCullough, author of Ambient Commons and Digital Ground?Advance Praise (2 of 3):?'...helps us perceive, make sense of, and engage with the contexts that surround us...'?-- Louis Rosenfeld, Author, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web; founder, Rosenfeld Media?'...masterfully makes the case for meeting users where they are, and putting context in its proper place: at the center of making meaningful design.'?-- Dana Chisnell?? ?'...A necessary read ... for those who create products and services spanning the digital and the physical, where context is everything.'?-- Andrea Resmini, PhD, Author, Pervasive Information Architecture?Advance Praise (3 of 3): ?? ?'...a door to knowledge that will allow an entire generation of digital designers to more properly consider the context in which their work is used...'?-- Abby Covert, Author, How to Make Sense of Any Mess?? ?'...a rigorous and wide-ranging framework for thinking about how we perceive and interact with our linguistic and digital environments, based on cutting edge cognitive science... the result is an invaluable guide...'??-- Andrew D. Wilson, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Leeds Beckett University Read more About the Author Andrew Hinton is an Information Architect at The Understanding Group (TUG). Since the early 90s, he's been helping clients and employers of all shapes and sizes make better information environments. Andrew is co-founder and past board member of the IA Institute, and is a frequent speaker at UX conferences. You can find links to Andrew-related things at Learn more about the book at Read more