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Review 'It's my job to be an expert. Inside Flash MX taught me things I didn't even know I was missing!' -- David Emberton, Author, Flash 5 Magic, technology columnist, Pty Ltd.'Outstanding! Inside Flash MX is well-organized and extremely thorough. An absolute must-have for any aspiring Macromedia Flash user's technical library.' -- Tony Novak, COO, 2Advanced Studios Read more From the Publisher Long version: If you can only own one book on Flash, consider making it this one. *Inside Flash MX* employs a comprehensive and comparatively advanced approach for designers and developers, addressing the emerging fact that Flash is both a designer's tool and a programming environment. Other comprehensive books are either more introductory ('So, You've Decided To Learn Flash...') or suffer from a lack of consistency and cohesiveness due to being written by several unassociated authors. Working professionals--designers, developers, and those who do both--need a thorough, cohesive, non-introductory tutorial reference that explores Flash from a holistic perspective, i.e. there are components of the tool that creatives AND developers need to master. This is the largest growth area in the Flash market: NOT simply designers, but those familiar with the technology who use it as front end tool and as a programming tool as well. Fig Leaf's Creative Media Department--they train and consult for others, while also making time for plenty of client work--is uniquely suited for building a book and a tool for learning like *Inside Flash MX*. Short version: This is the best five-pound book on Flash you'll ever find. Let us know how it works for you... Thanks, Steve Weiss, executive editor. Read more See all Editorial Reviews