Book Description

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used programs in the world and across all of the different business industries. Because of this many people who use Microsoft Excel regularly, don’t even know what it is fully capable of. This is the start to discovering the full potential Excel: A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Excel 2nd Edition will help guide you!Inside this guide you will find an introduction into Microsoft Excel that is aimed at a beginner, who wants to improve his or hers Microsoft Excel skill. This is the best place to start if you have always been curious, but were too afraid to ask for help, for seeming like you were out of touch. Inside this guide you will find many time saving tips and shortcuts like how to switch between relative and absolute cell references in less than a second.Excel is a must have skill in the ever growing data intensive business world. Do yourself a favour and put the time and the effort into learning the basics first, so that you have a good foundation in order to enter data more efficiently, manipulate cells or worksheets and format to present data in a easier to understand fashion. Stop wondering and take action now! You will not regret the time you spend reading this book!Inside you’ll learn how to:Get to Know Excel Entering or Editing Data Entering Text and Numbers Entering data into multiple cells at once To copy data from one cell to another Entering time or a date How to Enter a sequence of numbers Using basic formulas and functions Some Useful functions Switching between absolute and relative cell references Manipulating Cells Adjusting default settings To display more information in a cell at one time To create a drop-down list To insert columns and cells To delete rows, cells or columns Manipulating Worksheets To rename a worksheet To move a worksheet Copying a worksheet To insert a new worksheet To delete a worksheet Formatting number cell Clearing cells of their formatting Adding borders, shading or text color to cells Using page break preview to adjust page breaks How to preview your worksheet prior to printing Scaling your page to fit the desired paper size If you wish to print to a specific area and much more!