Book Description Review A guide for novices of Quicken software, Sams Teach Yourself Quicken Deluxe 99 is composed of 24 one-hour lessons that start with the basics and bring you to Quicken wizardry status. The first four lessons show you how to set up your Quicken checkbook and record your transactions. The second section of the book covers more-detailed tasks, such as setting reminders to pay monthly bills, tracking loan payments, and exporting and importing data with Quicken. The two middle sections help you prepare your household budget and track your investments with the software. The last six hours are devoted to learning how to run various reports on your financial data and to using online resources for gathering information and paying bills. Along the way, lessons provide tips on shortcuts, cautions on possible pitfalls, and additional notes on difficult concepts. A detachable chart of shortcut keys that you can post by your computer is included in the inside cover. Illustrated with adequate screen shots, this guide gives you the exact amount of handholding that you need, without being condescending. --Cristina Vaamonde Read more