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Review 'Ranks among the best technical tutorial books I've encountered.' -- OSNews, February 9, 2006...packed with documentation, answers to common questions, examples, and tips on everything from filtering spam to authenticating users. -- Midwest Book Review, Internet Book Watch, September 2005 ( essential reference for anyone determined to build or maintain a reliable and secure mailserver with this well-known software application. -- Midwest Book Review, June 2005 good is it? Very? definitely recommended to any Postfix administrator. --, March 27, 2005I wasn't prepared for just how good it is. There's stuff in here for everyone. -- Neohapsis, March 30, 2005 covers a lot of material to a very high standard, whilst also remaining very readable. -- Debian Administration, June 27, 2005Provided just the right amount of introductory material... loaded with information and examples that will help you quickly and easily. -- Linux Magazine, August 2005The book will save you time and help you configure a secure and fast mailserver. -- Netsurfer Digest, May 31, 2005 well-written, starting from the ground up. -- InfoWorld, July 14, 2005,Whether it's for your job, your business, or your hobby, managing Postfix-based email server is best done with this book. --, August 10, 2005 Read more About the Author RALF HILDEBRANDT and PATRICK KOETTER are well-known figures in the Postfix community. Hildebrandt is a Systems Engineer for T-Data, a German Telecommunications company. Koetter is an Information Architect at the University of Munich.Koetter is information architect at the University of Munich. Read more