Book Description

From the Back Cover John Chirillo is back and ready to help you outsmart the next generation of intruders! Since the publication of the First Edition, new security breaches to networks have inevitably occurred. In order to keep hack-prevention information as current as possible for security engineers and designers, John Chirillo is back with a new edition on how to fortify your networks and home computers. He's updated his bestselling book and is ready to arm you with the necessary security steps from the system to the daemon, concluding with that crucial ingredient-an effective security policy. Packed with nearly 400 pages of fresh material, including new fortification techniques, advisory solutions, and firewall labs, Hack Attacks Denied, Second Edition offers vital insight that will teach you how to be aware of potential security dangers. This all-in-one reference covers Windows, UNIX, and Linux, and teaches you how to keep the hacks out of your network by using the same Tiger Box tools that hackers use to detect and penetrate network vulnera-bilities. Full of essential examples and illustrations, the Second Edition, contains: * Over 170 new countermeasures * Patching the top seventy-five hack attacks for UNIX and Windows * Cleanup and prevention of malicious code including Myparty, Goner, Sircam, BadTrans, Nimda, Code Red I/II, and many more * TigerSurf 2.0 Intrusion Defense (full suite single license) Bonus CD! To accommodate the new material in the book, Chirillo has moved all lengthy lists and source code from the book to the CD-ROM, and has also added the new version of the security software, TigerSurf 2.0. Read more About the Author JOHN CHIRILLO is a senior internetworking engineer at a technology management company. He holds numerous certifications including CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CISSP (pending), Intel Certified Solutions Consultant, Compaq ASE Enterprise Storage, and Master UNIX certifications, among others. John has more than ten years of experience working on various computer systems and over five years of training experience. John is the author of five Wiley books, including the Hack Attacks Series. Read more