Book Description

From the Back Cover Inferno Programming with Limbo is the first complete developer?s guide to programming for the Inferno operating system. Developed at Lucent's Bell Labs, Inferno enables cross-platform, portable, distributed application development that is well suited for networked applications on resource constrained, embedded systems. Limbo is its programming language. This book will provide you with an introduction to Inferno, and everything you need to know about building applications with Limbo. The book focuses on the pragmatic aspects of developing Inferno applications with the Limbo language. It includes complete source code for several application examples, ranging from a text editor, file servers and network servers, to graphical applications such as games. Common programming pitfalls are revealed and in-depth analysis of complete sample applications are given. Also covered in the text are sections on: Accessing Inferno system facilities from Limbo programs Building multi-threaded applications with Limbo Implementing user level file servers in Limbo Networking in Inferno and constructing networked applications in Limbo Graphical applications in Inferno Augmenting Limbo applications with modules written in the C programming language Cryptographic facilities provided by Inferno Tools for verification of concurrent multi-threaded programs, such as model checkers Relevant manual pages and Limbo module definitions Read more About the Author Phillip Stanley-Marbell is a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University, and maintains the Inferno/Limbo FAQ. He has been an Inferno user since its original release, and has worked on two commercial products that used Inferno. Read more