Book Description Review For all the talk about the Internet's very real security weaknesses, information safety is not all that difficult to achieve. Yes, most Internet technology does a better job of making information accessible than it does of protecting privacy. Still, modern cryptographic products and techniques have made more than adequate security available to just about anyone who needs it. In Internet Cryptography, network security consultant Richard Smith explains the basics of online security. He avoids getting technical with too much cryptographic theory or the mathematics behind the magic. Instead he focuses on providing just enough information to enable information systems managers and administrators to make wise decisions. In fact, Smith pays close attention to matters of system configuration and operation, showing how even the best encryption methods can be ruined by careless operation. From there, Smith explains how today's techniques can protect information from being forged, altered, or stolen. Smith devotes most of his discussion of various cryptographic options to products that are presently on the market. Therefore, the techniques he describes are generally within the reach of most businesses and organizations. He progresses from the simplest to most complex approach, examining the strengths and weaknesses of each. As a result, readers wind up with a solid understanding of cryptographic security as well as a good feel for the level of security they require. Read more From the Back Cover 'This book provides an excellent overview of how encryption is used, its strengths and weaknesses, and what to look for when building or choosing real-world solutions. This is a must-have book for anyone considering the deployment of an important system relying on modern cryptography.' - Marcus J. Ranum Chief Scientist, V-ONE Corporation Here, in one comprehensive, soup-to-nuts book, is the solution for Internet security: modern-day cryptography. Written by a security expert with a wealth of practical experience, this book covers network and Internet security in terms that are easy to understand, using proven technology, systems, and solutions. From the client workstation to the Web host to the e-mail server, every aspect of this important topic is examined and explained. The once-daunting subject of cryptography is demystified and applied to today's security challenges. Topics include: Essentials of cryptography Networking and Internet fundamentals Encryption building blocks Virtual private networks Legal considerations Setting realistic security objectives Secured electronic mail World Wide Web transaction security Internet Firewalls This book is written for people who want to move data safely across the Internet and protect corporate resources from unauthorized access. Using real-life case studies, examples, and commercially available software products, cryptography is presented as a practical solution to specific, everyday security challenges. 0201924803B04062001 Read more See all Editorial Reviews