Book Description

Introduction to C Programming with the TMS320LF2407A™ is the result of an effort to compile a set of methodologies, application notes and personal work into a series of steps that could take an engineering student through a fast introduction to the TMS320™ series of DSP Controllers by Texas Instruments. Although the reading material is focused on the TMS320LF2407™, it may as well apply verbatim (or to a great extent) to the TMS320F2812™ DSP Controller. The learning approach assumes a certain level of acquaintance with C language and computer architecture. No previous experience with the controller is required, since the early chapters deal with the essentials in writing and executing a first program (i.e., the all times classic "hello"). The following chapters discuss each peripheral separately, all the way to the CAN module. Every issue and new concept is primarily addressed with a set of examples in C, thereby demonstrating the key features on the problem at hand and providing the necessary background and the incentive for further research through the relative technical manuals and applications notes. The final chapters introduce code examples related to typical DSP problems and discuss potential improvements and optimizations, which may include the use of C-callable assembly code, in the context of the abilities of the C24x DSP core. This is a guide from A to Z, suitable for students and/or aspiring engineers who wish to make their first steps into the realm of digital signal processing with the TMS320™ series.