Book Description

From the Back Cover Macintosh Internet SecurityWithin the past few years, permanent connections to the Internet (cable modems, DSL) have become available for home users in need of faster and more reliable Internet access. And peer-to-peer networking, made popular by the rapid growth of Napster and other file-sharing applications, is everywhere. But these technological advances also open up your computer to security risks. While there are many books available on Internet and network security, there are virtually no books on Macintosh security for home users. Written by Alan B. Oppenheimer, co-designer of the AppleTalk network system, and Charles Whitaker, a veteran of Informix, Inc., Macintosh Internet Security is a thorough, yet approachable guide to the essential security information for any Internet-connected Macintosh. Read more About the Author Alan B. Oppenheimer, co-designer of the AppleTalk network system, spent 11 years at Apple Computer developing networking software. He is the co-founder of and president of Open Door Networks, Inc., a Macintosh Internet tools and services company. He is the author of Inside AppleTalk by Addison-Wesley Longman. Charles Whitaker is a veteran of Informix, Inc, where he developed Unix-based products. He currently works as a technical writer and quality assurance manager at Open Door Networks. Read more