Book Description

From the Back Cover Key Benefit: This software package provides a complete, ready-to-use, inexpensive digital logic learning environment which enables fast design and prototyping using industry standard-design tools fro the #1 programmable logic vendor. The package includes software tools, lab design files, and step-by-step, hands-on tutorial. Key Topics: It stresses actual construction and testing of logic circuitry, and it presents a complete set of lab sessions on using FPGAs (Field Prog. Gate Arrays) and CPLDs (Complex Prog. Logic Devices) for beginning or intermediate logic design. It also features compatibility with the full-featured commercial Xilinx software that is typically used in college labs permitting users to implement designs up to 40,000 gates. It enables students to work on designs at home and at the lab, or to use the lab computers for extremely large implementations. The design files for all the lab sessions are included on the CD-ROM. Market: For courses or readers interested in the field of Digital Logic, Computer Design, Digital Signal Processing, Programmable Logic, and Computer Engineering. Read more