Book Description

About the Author Richard Thieme is one of the most visible commentators on technology and society, appearing often on CNN radio, TechTV, and various other national media outlets. He is also in great demand as a professional speaker, delivering his Human Dimension of Technology talk to over 50,000 live audience members each year. Islands in the Clickstream is a single volume 'best of Richard Thieme.' Richard is a business consultant, writer, and professional speaker focused on the impact of computer technology on organizations, societies, and one?s own self. Richard?s columns convey simple wisdoms in an otherwise complicated industry, exploring topics from innovation to evolution, modernization to love. Islands in the Clickstream portrays the intricate relationship between man and machine, drawing on Thieme?s experiences as an Episcopalian priest, a father, a professional speaker, a traveler, and a man to convey his message of 'living on the edge.' Read more