Book Description

"Doom" - Like all cops, Leon Orcot understands that the police put their lives on the line every day, but when Leon's act of hesitation results in the death of his partner, it will be up to Count D to ease the detective's mind. If he can keep from driving him mad in the process, that is. "Donor" - Did you know Count D had a sister? Well, neither did he. And although he's excited by the discovery, there's something sinister about this sibling. While it's not unusual for a sister to give her brother a piece of her heart, D's sister is willing to do it literally. "Duty" - When a mafia don is assassinated, Leon is instructed to catch the murderer before he ignites a mob war. However, this is no ordinary hitman. He's a ruthless assassin utterly lacking in conscience or compassion; a vicious killer whose precision is only matched by his relentlessness; and most disturbing at all, he appears to be only fifteen years old. "Diet" - It seems like everyone wants to be thinner. Regardless of your age, sex or station in life, chances are you'd like to shed a few pounds. Well, the count's here to help. He's come up with a very effective diet plan, tailored specifically to your needs. And, the good news is that you don't have watch what you eat...but you might want to pay attention to what eats you.