Book Description

When former Marvel cartoonist and sizzling hot author Ben Caldwell created Fantasy! Cartooning—an eye-popping, covers-it-all manual on drawing and understanding fantasy art—he caused a sensation. It quickly sold a whopping 125,000 copies, and is still going strong. With this kit, budding artists eager to try their hand will find even more inspiration to go along with the book’s insider tips on producing awe-inspiring monsters, heroes, landscapes, and scenes. It has everything needed to spark the creative process: a copy of Fantasy! Cartooning, with 16 pages of special perforated tracing paper; one black fine-tip marker; one mechanical lead sketching pencil; one non-reproducible pencil (essential when scanning art for computerized animation); one micro-tip marker; and eight different colored drawing pencils to bring characters to life. What a fabulous gift for any would-be cartoonist or fantasy fan!