Book Description

Review LIBRARY JOURNAL -- The heroic Airboy, who fights Nazis in a plane with flapping wings, was originally created for 1940s fanboys. This Airboy is not. The plot begins as Robinson (Starman), at a somewhat autobiographical nadir in his life, bemoans his new assignment to relaunch an original Airboy comic book. When inspiration proves elusive, he recruits reluctant artist Hinkle (The Rattler) for help and the two head into a Hunter S. Thompsonesque bender of booze, drugs, and sex. Unexpectedly, the stimulant combo sends them right through the boundary between reality and fiction, and both creators and Airboy gain useful enlightenment about living. Somehow transcending clich? owing to clever writing, extreme humor, bizarre vignettes, and adult situations, the story realizes additional oomph through Hinkle's angular, unpretty art. His effective coloring paints ?reality? in monochromes, while Airboy's world appears fully vivid. The wild satire spares no one, from women to men to transgender individuals, especially the debaucherous creators who let it all hang out-literally. VERDICT This pungent treat for gonzo-minded adults who enjoy outrageous comic depravity slyly delivers messages about what matters and why it's important to persevere despite setbacks.-MC Read more About the Author James Robinson has been an English resident of America for a quarter century and San Francisco for five years. He is known for writing intricate, critically-acclaimed series that stand the test of time, including Starman, Fantastic Four, THE SAVIORS, developed for artist J. Bone and published by Image Comics, and co-created with Greg Hinkle the semi-autobiographic satire AIRBOY. Read more