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Review Emanuel Swedenborg was an 18th century scientist, statesman and visionary. Conversations With Angels: What Swedenborg Heard In Heaven is a compilation of his angelic encounters. Throughout the final 27 years of his life, Swedenborg explored the realms of heaven and hell and spoke with angels about the nature of life after death, discussed with newly arrived spirits their misconceptions bout the afterlife, and debated with devils or spirits from hell. As an Enlightenment scholar, Swedenborg recorded these encounters, attesting to Gods will that humanity might know the truth of eternal life. The narratives in Conversations With Angels are ably translated by Swedenborgian scholars David Gladish and Jonathan Rose, and have been selected from three of Swedenborgs works, Conjugal Love, Apocalypse Revealed, and True Christian Religion, and have been arranged by theme. Swedenborgs conversations with angels startle the reader with insights into the reality of the spiritual world. Conversations With Angels is an engaging, fascinating contribution to angelic studies. -- Midwest Book Review Read more Language Notes Text: English (translation) Original Language: Latin Read more See all Editorial Reviews