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Review Among Christians, No one has given a more inspired insight into the realm of Angels than Flower A. Newhouse. -- Crystal HeavenBeautifully illustrated and an inspiring book. -- Doors of PeaceInspired insight into the realm of devas and other Nature Angels from one of the original angel teachers. -- Peter Michel, Publisher, Aquamarin Verlag Read more About the Author The Rev. Flower A. Newhouse, an outstanding twentieth century Christian mystic and spiritual teacher, was born May 10, 1909 in Allentown, PA. From childhood on, she had the gifts of an exceptionally well-trained clairvoyant ability and the mystics natural love for the Lord Christ. The great value of this awareness is amply revealed in her written and oral works as well as her living exampleship. Flower first realized she was clairvoyant when she was six, riding the Staten Island ferry in New York harbor with a friend her age. Seeing a group of water sprites, she pointed them out to her companion. The latter, thinking this was a game of make believe, responded with her own creative inventions. Flower, realizing she saw a world that didnt exist for others, was shocked into silence for many years. When Flower entered high school, her teachers gave her a series of writing assignments. This provided for her the opportunity to begin sharing some of her wisdom gained over lifetimes. So impressed were these teachers that they invited Flower to their homes where she commenced her own career as a teacher. In 1924, Flower along with her mother and sister, moved to Los Angeles where she soon became a guest speaker at a number of churches and lecture halls. Word soon spread of her unique gifts and her convincing sincerity as a speaker. Before long she was traveling regularly to Santa Barbara and San Francisco and much of Southern California. It was on one of these lecture engagements that she met her future husband, Lawrence Newhouse. In 1940, Flower and Lawrence founded Questhaven Retreat and the Christward Ministry, which has been bequeathed to the Lord Christ forever. Here, she wrote and lectured extensively on the Kingdom of Angels and the Wisdom Teachings that underlie living the Life and following the Way. Flower returned to her eternal homeland in 1994, following a rich, challenging and accomplished life. The life and writings of Flower A. Newhouse are those of a Christian mystic, and her insights into the inner realms of life provide us with a path to wholeness that she called Living the Life. These teachings are not doctrine, but a practical guide to the direct, immediate experience of God. Flowers mission was also to reawaken humanity to the reality of angels, a work she began with her first book in 1937, and added to in many published writings and in taped lectures. Read more