Book Description

A delightful novel for moms set in the hilarious, hard, and beautiful world of homeschooling. It?s the perfect first book for those just starting out on their homeschooling journey, or beginning toconsider the idea, and it's a reminder to the verteran homeschooler that you're not alone. It?s sort of like living in the house of a homeschool family for a year. You see the daily challenges, but also the rewards. With refreshing humor and honesty, Hawkins offers moms encouragement in their noble work at home, a chance to laugh at the moments only a mom would understand, and a reminder to cherish those gifts right under their roofs? those wild, irrational, precious people?their own children. Though the bookdeals with homeschooling, it also addresses the larger question, ?What happens when you feel called todo something that seems entirely too big for you??Between laughs, don't be surprised when you pick up ideas that will simplify your own homeschooling plan.So, come join Julianne and her co-op friends as they navigate through a hard but humorous year of diapers, dinners, husbands, meltdowns, and math lessons. And that's just September. Read more