Book Description

Written by experts Stephan Leimberg and John McFadden, The Tools & Techniques of Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning, 12th edition, applies the trusted Tools and Techniques approach to this complex area, making it simple for you to confidently guide your clients through even the most complex employee benefit and retirement planning processes.This new edition remains the practical, time-saving resource filled with up-to-date guidance you need for successful employee benefit and retirement planning, including:Guidance that takes into account the current and upcoming implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Current insights into retirement plans, including government benefits, IRA, ERISA and Tax Rules for Qualified Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, Defined Contribution Plans, and other Employer Retirement Plans Practical analysis of the entire range of employee benefit planning, including Cash Compensation, Equity Options, Cafeteria Plans, Life Insurance Plans, Health Coverage, Disability, and Fringe Benefits Valuable appendices providing primary source material along with exclusive, time-saving tools In addition to providing clear and practical guidance on key questions, The Tools & Techniques of Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning has been fully updated to include current information:All salary limitations are updated to 2011 numbers Deduction limits for defined benefit plans have been fully clarified Estate tax coverage is current for 2011 Roth IRA limitations are updated to reflect all recent changes Money purchase pension plan analysis has been updated to reflect retirement in a down economy, as well as the trend for less rapid increases in long service rank-and-file salaries