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Review 'A great help! with planning my lessons and motivating us to make God's Word our focus. Excellent book!' -- Anna Trever, Orlando'Great! Convicting, mind-renewing, leaves one informed, challenged and focused on the Lord for perfect direction. Worth every cent!' -- Daine'This book is EXCELLENT..An answer to prayer.' -- Regina UlmerEverything you need to know to evaluate your child's curriculum, check for learning gaps, track your child's progress and more. -- Homeschooling Headquarters Read more From the Publisher ***Section I- explains what a Christian world view is and how to RENEW your mind to get rid of this 'public education mentality.' Includes a look at the Greek history of state education compared to history of Biblical education. The center of all life-- religious, education, and training--was the home. ***Section II- The second section explains what achievement tests are, test terms, test scores, testing limitations, avoiding testing anxiety, possible benefits from testing, states that require testing, alternative methods of evaluation, and much more. *** Section III explains The Heart of Wisdom teaching approach. The Bible is the main focus and the core of the curriculum, with the secondary focus dedicated academics. ***Section IV includes check lists are divided according to grade level K-8: Bible, Character, Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Science. You can evaluate and make notes for up to five children with these lists. See excerpts at Read more See all Editorial Reviews