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Review Can a church meet the needs of those most at risk in its community and do so without watering down the gospel? The answer is absolutely yes, and no one has demonstrated that better than Charles Roesel and his congregation at First Baptist Leesburg. Roesel has led the way with multiple ministries that are giving people the immediate help they need to change their circumstances while also introducing them to the life-transforming Savior who will change their lives. Roesels enthusiasm and love for people electrifies his ministry, and it spills over onto the pages of this book. What would our nation and world look like if more churches followed the biblical mandate to serve the least of these? I hope thousands of pastors take this book to heart so we might find out. Kevin Ezell President, North American Mission Board I have always admired the ministry of Dr. Charles Roesel. I had heard so much about his church meeting the needs of people that many churches would shy away from I could not believe it until I met Dr. Roesel himself. His passion to reach the down and out, the misfits, the outcast, and the misunderstood is directly from the heart of God. As a matter of fact, Dr. Roesel?s ministry has proven to be the hands, the legs, the feet, and the heart of Jesus Christ! What Dr. Roesel and his ministry have done in Florida is truly A God Thing! Fred Luter Pastor, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA. President, Southern Baptist Convention Read more About the Author Dr. Roesel?s rich past includes being the recipient of the Southern Baptist Distinguished Service Award. In addition to all other ministries, Dr. Roesel had a television ministry reaching out to four million homes each week. In 1973, he was chosen as Florida?s Urban Pastor of the Year by Stetson University. First Baptist Church of Leesburg, Florida, thrived under Dr. Roesel?s thirty-year leadership and is now considered the model for Ministry Evangelism. In a town of 15,000 with over ninety churches, the church grew by transformation, baptizing over 7,000 people. First Baptist Church of Leesburg, Florida, now has over seventy separate ministries including The Men?s Residence, Women?s Care Center, Children?s Shelter, Benevolence Center, Furniture Barn, Food Pantry, Teen Shelter, Pregnancy Care Center, Medical Center, Counseling Center, Preschool, First Academy Leesburg (K-12th Grade), School of Fine Arts, Rape Crisis Center, AIDS Clinic, Mentoring Program, Children-at-Risk Program, Mentally Challenged, People Helpers (Counseling), Signing Ministry, a Home Ministry sharing with over four hundred home-bound persons each week, and more. Read more