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Review It is package in a user-friendly style geared for the pastor, members, and lay leaders to do together. -- Jill Hudson, Executive Director, Presbytery of Whitewater ValleyThis is a rare book--combining practical tools for parish planning with equally practical help for the spiritual dimension .... -- Loren Mead, founding president, The Alban Institute Read more About the Author Roy M. Oswald is a senior consultant with the Alban Institute. A popular teacher and author, his other Alban publication include Clergy Self-Care, The Inviting Church, Personality Type and Religious Leadership, and Beginning Ministry Together. The Rev. Dr. Bob Friedrich is president of the Ekklesia Institute. His broad personal, interim, and business experience helps him to serve congregations of many sizes and denominations in the areas of discernment, conflict management, stewardship, leadership development, and strategic planning. Read more