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About the Author AUTHOR?S BIOGRAPHY Anna La Tona, a New Jersey native, is a graduate of Montclair State University, Kean University and Union County College. She obtained a degree in Occupational Therapy, Recreation and Physical Education, as well as a Masters certificate in Sports Medicine. Anna presently works with Autistic children, Asperger?s Syndrome, and Attention Deficit Disorders in the public school system. She attended Bible College and The Institute for Spiritual Development where she learned about dream interpretation and the prophetic gift. Thereafter, Anna founded the Live the Dream Ministry, a dream interpretation and prophetic evangelism regional ministry. Through dream interpretation, Treasure Hunt style of evangelism and power evangelism, Live the Dream Ministry has been changing lives in New Jersey areas as well as the five boroughs of New York City by way of monthly outreaches. Anna has coordinated the Prophetic Intercession Church Ministry and has been an Overseer for 5 Fellowship Groups in Elizabeth, NJ. She has also served as a Sunday school teacher. Anna has been a leader on the Prophetic team for many years and enjoys teaching others about the things of the Spirit. Read more