Book Description

From the Back Cover The seeker-sensitive movement revolutionized the way we did church and introduced countless baby boomers to Jesus. Yet trends show that todays post-Christian generations are not responding like the generations before them. As we enter a new cultural era, what do worship services hat are connecting with the hearts of emerging generations look like? How do preaching, leadership, evangelism, spiritual formation, and, most of all, how we even think of church need to change? The Emerging Church goes beyond just theory and gets into very practical ways of assisting you in your local church circumstances. There is no one right way, no model for us all to emulate. But there is something better. Dan Kimball calls it Vintage Christianity: a refreshing return to an unapologetically sacred, raw, historical, and Jesus-focused missional ministry. Vintage Christianity connects with emerging post-seeker generations who are very open spiritually but are not interested in church. For pastors, leaders, and every concerned Christian, Kimball offers a riveting and easy-to-grasp exploration of todays changing culture and gives insight into the new kind of churches that are emerging in its midst. Included is running commentary by Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Howard Hendricks, and others. Read more About the Author Dan Kimball es autor de varios libros, incluyendo Emerging Worship, y Jes?s me convence, pero la iglesia no. ?l es pastor de la iglesia Vintage Faith en Santa Cruz, California, una iglesia misionera enfocada en la cultura emergente y post-cristiana. Dan y su esposa, Becky, tienen dos hijas, Claire y Katie, y un viejo Ford Mustang de 1966. Read more