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From the Back Cover No one is better qualified to tackle the thorny challenges of cross-cultural leadership than Sherwood Lingenfelter. Leading Cross-Culturally brings together a rare blend of anthropology, leadership theory, and theology that calls cross-cultural team members into covenant relationships centered on Christ and the cross. This is practical missiology at its best.--Tom Steffen, School of Intercultural Studies, Biola UniversityWith missionaries traveling from everywhere to everywhere, a book on cross-cultural leadership is urgently needed. Lingenfelter builds on his wide global experience and illustrates powerful principles with insightful examples and Scripture.--James E. Plueddemann, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; former international director, Serving in MissionLingenfelter combines his intercultural experience and judicious study of cross-cultural leadership with biblical-theological reflections and creative use of empirical cases. This book should be in the hands of everyone already in cross-cultural leadership as well as those who are considering entering the field.--Lalsangkima Pachuau, Asbury Theological SeminaryA compelling volume. As a practitioner, trainer, and instructor of leaders and teams in ministry and missions, I will have to include this book in my required texts. In fact, it has challenged some of my own assumptions about this difficult aspect of kingdom work.--Mike Barnett, Columbia International University Seminary and School of MissionsA tremendous book that combines the best theory and practice with the kind of perspective that comes only from vast personal experience.--Earl Creps, Berkeley Church Planting ProjectIn this insightful and exceptionally practical book, Lingenfelter points us to the three essential components for lasting kingdom impact: leadership, cultural values, and the Word of God.--Bambang Budijanto, Compassion InternationalAn excellent resource on exercising leadership in cross-cultural contexts. Lingenfelter goes directly to the heart of the matter--building a covenant community of trust.--John Watters, Wycliffe Bible Translators InternationaThis is a remarkable book. It is crafted out of life and honesty and reflects Lingenfelters own pilgrimage. It is grounded in Scripture and deep spirituality, protecting leadership from mere technique and transforming it into discipleship principles.--William D. Taylor, World Evangelical Alliance and the Mission CommissionLingenfelter provides another significant contribution that takes culture seriously and the Bible authoritatively. This resource will allow global leaders to learn and discuss together their shared desire to serve Christs kingdom.--Byron D. Klaus, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary Read more About the Author Sherwood G. Lingenfelter (PhD, University of Pittsburgh) is senior professor of anthropology and provost emeritus at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is the author of Transforming Culture, Agents of Transformation, Ministering Cross-Culturally (with Marvin K. Mayers), and Teaching Cross-Culturally (with Judith E. Lingenfelter) as well as several volumes on anthropology. Read more