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Review Some of my best memories are times spent with family on vacation. I love that my parents get to share a little of our story in this book. (Korie Robertson, Duck Dynasty)What a wonderful book! As a frequent traveler, I can relate to always remembering the wonderful smells. In my mind, I can remember the smell upon stepping off the airplane in Hawaii. Sweet flowers and burning cane fields. (Debbie Turner, 'Marta' in The Sound of Music)Family vacations create one of life?s greatest rewards . . . those beloved memories that tie us to places and people that we love. Enjoy this book! (Sally Black, founder, of wisdom and inspiration abound on every page of Life Lessons from Family Vacations. Somewhere, Alexis de Tocqueville, Mark Twain, and Rebecca West are aglow from leafing through this literary gem (while kicking themselves for not having originated the concept). (Philip Recchia, CEO, SnipMe, Inc.)The touching stories in this book are inspirational and have the power to virtually transport you to the destinations they take place in. A must-read. (Brittany Urback, Hills of Africa Travel, Lessons from Family Vacations is full of inspirational travel gems?simple yet riveting messages, but ones we all need to hear over and over again. In this internet age, where too often kids are on cell phones or watching movies in cars when traveling, Life Lessons from Family Vacations reminds us to connect with the outside world rather than a screen?smell the food in front of us, look at what is around us, or listen to what is going on. At the same time, allowing children to explore without fear (although with good judgment) will nurture a life-long curiosity and thirst for knowledge about our world. Lastly, the friends one makes abroad, such as Lawrence from South Africa, can be life-changing and we have much to learn from those whose lives and countries are very different from our own. (Antonia Neubauer, president, Myths and Mountains, Inc.)We just love, love, love the wonderful insight and sentiments that underpin Life Lessons from Family Vacations. There is so much joy and understanding in these pages?it underlines the true value of travel and the many genuine lessons there are to be had from simply traveling with all of your senses engaged and your mind open. (Simon and Susan Veness, Read more About the Author Rick Tocquigny is CEO and cofounder of Artbeat Media and Gracefully Yours Greeting Cards. His time and talents are also spent as the host of the popular BlogTalkRadio shows Life Lessons, Transformed Traveler, and CEO in 10. Carla Tocquigny loves to travel?especially with family! Her family vacations began with road trips to South Padre Island and now she has walked the beaches on five continents. As cofounder of The Transformed Traveler Network, she craves travel where all five senses are engaged. A native of Taylor, Texas, and a Texas A&M graduate, she is the proud mother of two globetrotting daughters. Join Carla on her next transformative tour of Europe at and Carla reside in Lafayette, Colorado. Read more