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Review Such a simple concept written so beautifully well. Slow down, read a few pages, and find yourself pulled into a closer and more authentic relationship with Mary the Mother of God. --Danielle Bean, Publisher of Catholic Digest, Coauthor of Small Steps for Catholic MomsThis is a wonderful book, prayer guide, homage to the Blessed Mother, and a gift I plan to give all of my friends this year. Well done, Sarah Reinhard! --Randy Hain, Author of Journey to Heaven, Cofounder of the Integrated Catholic LifeReading Word by Word is like participating in a warm, honest, faith-sharing session among good friends. A marvelous way to enter into more intimate communion with the Blessed Mother, which means, ultimately, gazing more deeply into the face of her Son. --Amy Welborn, Author of Wish You Were HereAs a cradle Catholic who has at times taken our beautiful prayers for granted, Word by Word caused me to stop, think, and really reflect on who our Blessed Mother is and the important role she plays in bringing us and keeping us close to Jesus. --Teresa Tomeo, EWTN host and bestselling author of Extreme Makeover Read more About the Author Sarah A. Reinhard is a Catholic author, blogger, speaker, and freelance writer. She contributes regularly to the National Catholic Register,, Integrated Catholic Life, Catholic Exchange, and is the author of a number of books and writes a monthly column in the Diocese of Columbuss The Catholic Times. She earned a masters degree in marketing and communications from Franklin University and has worked for many years for corporate and nonprofit organizations. She lives in central Ohio with her husband and four children. Read more