Book Description

No one doubts that the Catholic Church in the United States is in the midst of the greatest crisis it has seen in all our countrys 220-year history. But in many respects, the scandal that has rocked the Church is substantially a media event, and as Father Benedict Groeschel candidly reveals, the media is definitely out to destroy the influence of the Catholic Church in the US as the strongest voice against abortion, euthanasia, pornography, same sex marriages, and a host of other important moral issues. The question is what can you do about it? Mary, Protectress of the Church In the inspiring new three-tape (or CD) series, Our Lady and this Present Darkness, beloved Catholic author, psychologist and retreat master, Fr. Benedict Groeschel provides a positive plan of what you can do to help the Church in our day! In this presentation, Fr. Groeschel shows that the way out of the present darkness begins through the intercession of "She who is the mother of Him who will rule the nations," our Blessed Lady. Exploring the power and beauty of the great Marian texts in Scripture and the efficacious recourse to Mary that has blessed saints and sinners throughout the history of the Church, Father Groeschel shows that it is Our Blessed Mother who emerges as the Protectress of the Church in our troubled age. Penetrating Behind the Scandal In this poignant presentation, Father also brings to light the fact that the present scandal is not the whole crisis in the Church today. He cites many contributing factors, including the collapse of religious orders, the serious erosion of Catholic education since Vatican II, and the scandalous decline of the teaching of Catholic theology. Penetrating behind the current scandal to find the root problems for the crisis in the Church, youll discover how modern errors are being presented in our schools, churches and seminaries-and more importantly, why. Father Groeschel explains that although the Church is blessed with a pope who is both a profound philosopher and theologian, the very errors begun in liberal Protestantism are vigorously undermining the philosophical and theological training of seminarians in America. The Meaning of Mystery With winsome words and concerned compassion, Father explains how, even with the powerful intercession of Our Lady, it is sometimes better that our prayers seemingly go unanswered. Youll gain a greater appreciation of the simple truth that prayer works. And why we may not always get what we want, but we get what we need. Father Groeschel reminds us that we really know very little about all that goes on around us. But, in the midst of all the evil of the world, we who have faith can model ourselves on the trust of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Lady. We can make His sufferings our sufferings and learn to follow the example of His mother and to rely on Her prayers and protection. Order Our Lady and this Present Darkness today and discover how to help the Church in the present crisis. In This Series You Will Learn: Why many Christians in America are so weak Why prophecy doesnt cause things to happen Why rationalism is irrational Why Albert Einstein was fascinated by the mystery of the Blessed Sacrament Why the collapse of religious life in the US is a major catastrophe in Catholic history Why the Bible isnt merely literature, but the action of God in the world Why the historical-critical method of Scripture study is contrary to faith Why objective truth must accompany the call of Grace And much more!