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Review The series . . . is valuable as a corrective to previous modern commentaries that focused exclusively on historical-critical issues.Catholic Books ReviewLambrecht offers a literal translation of the epistle which seeks to preserve the Pauline reasoning and flow of thought.The Expository Times An excellent commentary.Vidyajyoti JournalThe series is excellent for those readers who do want to study seriously the text and at the same time be introduced to the theological and pastoral riches of the Word. Vidyajyoti Journal. . . an asset for those who care about the theological importance of 2 Corinthians and engage it in serious exegesis, whether for scholarly pursuits or sermon preparation.Interpretation. . . this commentary is a good basic introduction to 2 Corinthians with a bibliography that is international in its scope.Society for Old Testament Study Read more About the Author Jan Lambrecht, SJ, is professor emeritus of New Testament and biblical Greek at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Read more