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Review Kelly has written an immensely rich explanation of the New Testament. First, his style makes the material totally accessible to even the uninitiated. Second, he zeroes in on common misunderstandings and offers clear information on the cause of confusion and ways it can be avoided. In the process he explains the importance of scholarly examination of historical, cultural, linguistic, and doctrinal issues in interpreting Scripture for modern readers.WritingWorksThe style is lively and clear. The contents are well balanced, and the Gospels receive much attention due to their importance for Catholics. . . . fulfills the need for a gentle introduction to the NT for Catholics.Theological StudiesFor Catholics wishing to get a general grasp of the N.T. this Introduction to the New Testament will prove to be an enjoyable read as well as an excellent introduction to some of the research that is possible and is happening.Prairie Messenger. . . a handy little guide that introduces the nonprofessional reader to the contents of each of the books of the New Testament and some of the issues involved in understanding them.Review of Biblical LiteratureThis valuable text is intended for students and general readers who want to put their Catholic identity in conversation with the contemporary understanding of the Bible. . . . Photographs, summaries, helpful outlines of each text, maps, suggestions for further reading, and a subject index all make this text a very useful tool for beginning NT students of any age.Catholic Library WorldAuthor Joseph F. Kelly, Ph.D., shows in his book that in looking in the New Testament, we find real people who are communicating to us over the centuries, sharing their faith, their beliefs, their hopes and their fears. In reading the book, readers will understand the precious heritage that it is and will make the heritage our own.CruxThe reader?Catholic or otherwise?will find here a helpful and accessible introduction to the New Testament writings.The Bible TodayWith brevity and precision Dr. Kelly leads the reader through each book of the New Testament, striking the right balance between popular interest and responsible scholarship. He assists Catholics with such issues as Jesus brothers and whether Mary is the Woman of the Apocalypse. But this book will enlighten any believer who wishes to appreciate how doctrine develops, how to deal with miracles and devils, or why the Christmas magi and shepherds never meet in the same gospel.George Smiga Read more About the Author Joseph F. Kelly, PhD, chair of the department of theology and religious studies at John Carroll University, is active in adult religious education in the Greater Cleveland area. The World of the Early Christians (1997), The Problem of Evil in the Western Tradition (2002), and History and Heresy (2012) are among his nine previous books published by Liturgical Press. Read more