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Review Christianity Today A mine of many treasures. . . Every student of New Testament theology will want to own and study this perceptive, comprehensive outline of Pauls theology.Ernst Kasemann Among recent research on Paul, I consider Herman Ridderboss book a standard. It offers extraordinary insights and information and presents an interpretation of Pauline theology that should be carefully considered and thoroughly discussed.George Eldon Ladd At last we have a comprehensive, satisfying work on the theology of Paul, written by one who is probably the most outstanding evangelical New Testament scholar on the continent of Europe.F. F. Bruce Ridderbos has devoted many years to studying Pauls writings in depth; he is also familiar with the main lines of Pauline research from F. C. Baur to our own contemporaries. He gives us his own exposition of Pauls thought and at the same time interacts with the interpretations of other scholars. . . A standard work.D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones In many ways this is the most comprehensive and thorough exposition of the teaching of the apostle Paul that I have ever read. It will stimulate thought and study by its originality at points, and even when it provokes some disagreement. The translation is most readable.G. C. Berkouwer Pauls epistles demand intensive attention, and Ridderbos takes us along all the routes of the apostles thinking. We are acquainted with his missionary journeys; how much more important his travels through the depths and riches of the gospel!Bastiaan VanElderen Here we find sound exegesis, perceptive analysis, profound insight, and a humble listening to the voice of Paul. This comprehensive study is not only highly recommended; it is a sine qua non for every student of the New Testament and its message. This text refers to the Digital edition. Read more Language Notes Text: English, Dutch (translation) Read more See all Editorial Reviews