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Review A perceptive and honest book about the vexed question of violence in the Bible. Taking with great seriousness the dynamism of the biblical tradition and the interpretive process, the distinctive contribution of Disarming Scripture is an exploration of the way in which the biblical text itself interprets texts of violence. This is a fine contribution to our common work. --Walter Brueggemann, Emeritus professor, Columbia Theological Seminary, and author of The Prophetic ImaginationJesus is the savior of everything--including the Bible! Thats what I kept thinking while reading this brilliant book. There have been a number of excellent books in recent years on how Christians should read the Bible, but Disarming Scripture is the very best. Derek has done us an immeasurable service in showing us how to read the Bible like Jesus did. --Brian Zahnd, Pastor of Word of Life Church, and author of A Farewell to MarsA morally responsible, dynamic reading of scripture, where Jesus and Paul move us along a trajectory toward a non-violent God and a non-violent people of God. Flood leaves no stone unturned in presenting his case with remarkable subtlety in an easy-reading style, handling biblical violence with bracing honesty and spiritual and intellectual substance. --Peter Enns, Professor of Biblical Studies, Eastern University and author of The Bible Tells Me SoDisarming Scripture shows us how we can confront difficult passages in the Bible which seem to condone or even command violence. Recommended to anyone who seeks to reconcile the violence of the Old Testament with Jesus commandment to love our enemies.--Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, author of The UnCommon GoodHaving been Dereks friend and a believer in his work for several years now, I expected this book to be good. But it is even better than expected. You need Derek Flood. You need his intelligence. You need his faithfulness. You need his courage. You need his message in this book. So do I. --Brian D. McLaren, Speaker, pastor, activist, and author of We Make the Road By WalkingDisarming Scripture may well be the most thought-provoking and liberating book about the Bible that you will ever read. How do we reconcile a God of grace and compassion with the one who sanctions violence and killing? Far from shying away from these and many other important questions, Derek Flood demonstrates not only how the prophets and Jesus himself often questioned scripture--but shows us why we have a responsibility to do exactly the same.?--Steve Chalke MBE, Founder, Oasis Global and Author of The Lost Message of Jesus Read more About the Author Derek Flood is the author of Healing the Gospel: A Radical Vision for Grace, Justice, and the Cross (Cascade, 2012), and is a featured blogger for the Huffington Post, Sojourners, and Red Letter Christians. He holds a masters degree in systematic theology from the Graduate Theological Union. Read more