Book Description

Forsaken history rises up from volcanic crypts. The Bible For Zombies fires hot revelation into frightened fingers. This explosive book untangles a truth so hairy, that millions still drop to their knees and beg for mercy, even after 2,000 years. The Jewish revolt did not end in defeat but in triumph. Forget the Da Vinci Code. Regret Holy Blood Holy Grail. The gospels secrets are not mastered through Italian Renaissance art or French secret society ledgers. Messianic war-code hides in wordplay right inside the Bible text. Discover how the undercover Galilean named Josephus wrote all four gospels in pseudonymous sedition against Imperial Rome. Spooky parables like the "Fire Baptism" of Matthew (3:11), are decoded by ciphers in works published under the autograph of Josephus. Unwash your brain quick! A really scary Messianic host is about to rent the veil. Readjust your spine, steady your shaking hands, and grab fast upon this copy of Nomad, part one of the Bible For Zombies series by Lehan MacAdam. Then dive under the covers with a flashlight, and find out why it is perhaps the most important volume yet written to champion womens rights.