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From School Library Journal Grade 1-3?A visually appealing picture book that introduces this flower and its unique blooming pattern, as well as a variety of nocturnal creatures. As night approaches, crickets, bats, owls, and other animals become active and the petals of the moonflower slowly unfurl. Hawkmoths searching for nectar spread its pollen. As dawn nears, each bloom wilts, having fulfilled one part of its life cycle. Beautiful illustrations reflect the colors and hues of the changing scene from dusk through moonlit night to the dim glow of dawn. The lyrical text describes the nighttime activity surrounding the plant with magical overtones that remain true to nature's nocturnal cycles. Brief information given in the text is supported by facts in vertical sections on one side of the double-page spreads. A wash of color covers each page, seamlessly blending text, illustrations, and background into an effective whole without interrupting the mood of the book. Instructions for planting a moonflower and an illustrated glossary are appended. A good reminder of nighttime changes that also demonstrates the interdependence of plants and animals and the role that each plays in the natural world.?Diane Nunn, Richard E. Byrd Elementary School, Glen Rock, NJCopyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more Review 'A visually appealing picture book...beautiful illustrations...lyrical text.' -- School Library Journal, 8/98Looking for a picture book that has more to it than a simple story? The Moonflower goes beyond a story with sidebars and growing instructions that make an interesting way for a reader to learn about a variety of night creatures and the moonflower plant itself. This book can also be read for the story alone, but isn't as dynamic since there is not a main character who makes one care about him. The educational sidebars are written clearly and have intriguing tidbits, such as '...some vines twine to the left, but moonflowers twine to the right....' Terms are explained without talking down to the reader. Peter Loewer has written these facts in a manner that conveys appropriate further details to enhance the story. The final sidebar comes to a conclusion that ties all the sidebars together. Husband and wife team of author and illustrator have created a book where each one's skills compliment the other's. Not only has Jean Loewer illustrated the creatures necessary for the story, but her artwork has also formed another story within the story as the reader sees a family's life framing the events of the night. This would be a good classroom book. -- From Independent Publisher Read more See all Editorial Reviews