Book Description

From School Library Journal Grade 4-6 --Two colorful titles that are clearly written, well designed, and carefully detailed. Landau introduces 16 plants, each with a full-page, full-color photograph and a page or two of description. She points out the varying causes for their endangered status--from fungus to overgrazing or overpicking--and mentions efforts by botanists to save them. She includes the reasons that each plant is of value and where it is found in the U. S. The brief introduction adds a plea for conservation and explains why laws protecting the plants are not working. Nielsen follows a similar format. Her brief introduction is followed by chapters on Venus's-flytraps, bladderworts, sundews, butterworts, and pitcher plants. Also included is information on where to see or buy these plants and how to grow them. The descriptives text and photos make identification easy. Dramatic closeups of caught and half-digested insects, even a small frog, will capture readers' interest. --Sharon Levin, University of Vermont, BurlingtonCopyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more