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Review Author Bill Kirk has added another amazing rhyming non-fiction book to his The Sum of Our Parts Series in Guardian Angel Publishing's Academic Wings, Muscles Make Us Move!! As a retired teacher, I would highly recommend Muscles Make Us Move for every classroom, school and personal library.? Kathleen Stemke, Author (Mount Airy, Georgia)Bill Kirk's conversational style?will appeal to young readers and make it easier for them to understand basic scientific facts. Kirk cleverly interjects humor into the text (and) Eugene Ruble's anatomically precise and neatly labeled color illustrations act as a great tool for visual learning.? Kavitha Punniyamurthi,?Author and Illustrator?(India)All age groups, child to adult, can learn from Bill Kirk's latest addition to the 'Sum of All Parts Series.' It's fun and interesting. Each page includes a colorful and detailed illustration by Eugene Ruble, factoid and rhyme.... I highly recommend this book and the entire series.J. Aday Kennedy, Children's Author (Mineola, TX)Like the other books in Bill Kirk's series, this one is appropriate for a wide variety of ages. Each page has a simple, amusing rhyme that would appeal to young kids.... From curious preschoolers to older students working on term papers, all kids can enjoy learning from this book.Janet Ann Collins, Writer and Speaker (California, United States) Read more From the Author This is?the third book in a series (THE SUM OF OUR PARTS)?of rhyming anatomical children's picture books on various systems in the human body.??'Muscles Make Us Move' is written as a simple yet informative tool to help learn the basics about the muscles in our body from the smallest to the largest.? For me, the?challenge of weaving?technical terms into rhymes which can be easily understood by school children?has made the writing of them a whole lot of fun.? Books on several?other systems will follow.? My hope is that this book and the others in the series will?support scientific learning in the early and middle school grades and among home schoolers. Read more See all Editorial Reviews