Book Description

About the Author My name is Dipali Patel Britton. I was born in India and raised as a Hindu. I moved to America when I was 9 years old with no knowledge of the English language. I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 12. If someone would have told me 22 years ago that I would one day write a book in English and that it would be about JESUS, I would have laughed at them. At the time, I was this little Indian girl with no self-esteem or confidence to do such a thing in America. We see it over and over again in the Bible where Jesus calls on those that think they are unqualified to share the Gospel. Well, that was me! Even at the age of 32, I didn?t know the first thing about writing a book or publishing one! However, our willingness to serve and follow when He calls us is more important than our qualifications. He provides! Just like he provided the people and the resources so I can publish this book! 'Jesus, Please Heal My Dog' is based on a true story to teach your loved ones Bible verses, the importance of obedience, thankfulness, and the power of prayers. This is the first of many series to come. 'Jesus, Please' will soon launch books to help kids through bullying, first day of school, a disagreement between parents or friends, and other topics. Our kids will go through uncomfortable moments in life. Christ sent the Holy Spirit as our Comforter. We need to teach them to seek Him. Read more