Book Description

Curious George joins the circus in this fun phonics adventure! George is up to his usual antics, sending circus animals flying through the air in dashing acrobatics, laughing at the clowns' jokes, playing music, and chasing down letters and their sounds. Six games and activities teach children to recognize letters, sounds, and to sound out words as their build basic reading skills. We teach the way children learn. As children learn about letter names, the sounds in language (phonemic awareness), and letter sound associations (phonics), they learn the basic skills of reading and writing. Children explore at their own pace and discover the joy of learning while they play games and activities that teach phonemic awareness and phonics. There are gentle challenges and fun, magical rewards. Bring a school learning environment into your home. We use the latest research and reinforce skills developed in the widely-used Invitations to Literacy Program to help you teach your child to read. Features Astonishing Animal Acrobats -- Animals fly through the air doing acrobatic stunts in this rhyming, alliteration, and blending game! Phonics Fun House -- Clown around and see if you can make words out of letter sounds! Peanut Pickup -- Help George and Eddie the Elephant find their way around a maze of initial consonant sounds! Comedy Clowns -- Find loads of laughs while testing your wits and your knowledge of initial and final consonant sounds! Sammy the Musica Seal -- Help Sammy make music while building knowledge of vowels and their sounds! Story Theater -- Practice reading and sounding out words with Thea and her entire troupe! Print 10 original storybooks -- featuring the Story Theater productions! System Requirements: Windows® Pentium 90 MHz or higher Windows® 95 or 98 16MB RAM 2X CD-ROM drive Windows compatible sound card 256 colors or higher display graphics capabilities Mouse Macintosh® 68040 or higher (including Power PC®) iMac®, G3 or higher System 7.5 or higher 16 MB RAM 2X CD-ROM drive Color display capable Mouse