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From the Publisher Visit Africa and Asia and study life on the Savannas. Next, circle the globe and draw and write about temperate grassland animals, like the anteater of South America and the pronghorn of North America. Then study the mountains and deserts of the world. Learn to draw the continents, too! The series won the Teachers' Choice Award, is a regular recipient of Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards, and was selected one of the top new products at NSSEA Ed Expo 2001. Read more From the Author My mother challenged her students and expected the most from everyone in her class. I was a bright seven-year-old, but I remember joining the class mid-year, working on math and thinking, 'These kids are smart . . . this is hard . . . but it's so much fun here,' then getting back to work with renewed resolve. Everyone's attitude in the classroom was positive -- we were there to learn! The reality, however, was we began each day drawing pictures together. Every morning, each child in the class -- bright or slow to learn, English-speaking or struggling with the language, artistic or non-artistic -- looked on their desk at a picture and could say with pride, 'Look what I made!' Drawing instruction made success the main ingredient of my mother's classroom. -- Kim Stitzer Read more See all Editorial Reviews