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Review ?Bottle flipping?the compulsion promoted through online videos to toss a partly filled plastic bottle and try to get it to land upright . . . has captivated children across the country.? ?New York Times?It?s not hard these days to find kids flipping bottles: at bus stops, at middle-school lunchroom tables, inside Little League dugouts, even on national television. . . . The act of flipping a water bottle through the air to achieve a perfect, upright landing on the table in front of you is part art form, part science.' ?Boston Globe?If you've spent any time with middle schoolers in the past three months, you'll already know ?bottle flipping? is officially a thing.? ?Good Housekeeping?This isn?t a mindless game but just the opposite: a fully engaged application of human ingenuity with a decisive reward.? ?Jeffrey Tucker, Foundation for Economic Education?[Bottle flipping] aided by YouTube videos and other social media, the trend has invaded homes and schools across the country and now, apparently, the world. . . . The games and challenges are endless.? ?Today Read more About the Author Sarah Doughty is a writer and game enthusiast with some flippin' cool tricks up her sleeve. Her favorite water bottle stunt is the Skinny Shelf, and her favorite game is the tasty Glaze of Glory. She lives in the Boston area on a small farm with some pretty flippin' awesome goats. Read more