Book Description

From the Back Cover Learn to: Use blocks to build anything you can imagine Protect what you've built from monsters Survive, mine, and go on adventures in the Minecraft world Customize your experience Get started in Minecraft or go deeper ? this book helps you do both Playing Minecraft is an intriguing, creative experience. If you've been curious and want to get started, this book shows you the ropes. And if you know the basics but long to become a mad scientist or venture into Hardcore mode, you'll find out how to do that too. Learn to play Minecraft and enjoy endless entertainment! Enter the game ? purchase and download Minecraft and register your account Create your world ? build your Minecraft world and explore it in a single-player game Learn to survive ? find out how to create a shelter, avoid hunger, start a farm, and begin mining Refine your skills ? study the different types of blocks and learn to engineer with redstone circuits Visit the villages ? where you can trade, excavate valuable structures, and battle zombies Move up to new gameplay options ? venture into Adventure and Hardcore play and manage the Minecraft filesystem Open the book and find: How to survive your first night in Minecraft What to monitor as you play Tips for building an effective house Necessary mining tools The physics of the game How to start and join a LAN server Ten useful gameplay tips Read more About the Author Jacob Cordeiro has been playing Minecraft since the Alpha pre-release. Jacob attends Stanford Online High School and won an award in the 2011 Scholastic Art and Writing competition for his game entry. Read more