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From School Library Journal Grade 4 Up-- Instead of technical language and difficult diagrams, The Kids' Book of Chess explains all the basic elements of the game in a colorful, dramatic story of the medieval battlefield that the chessboard represents. All the pieces from pawn to king are introduced according to the role they play in the chess game and compared to their actual role in medieval life. How to begin the game, move the pieces, and develop a winning strategy are well described in clear, simple text; accurate diagrams; and delightful illustrations of medieval life. This a revision of Kidder's 1970 Illustrated Chess for Children (Doubleday; o.p.). New drawings, illustrations, and a slightly different format make this a welcome addition for novice and experienced chess lovers. --Pamela K. Bomboy, Chesterfield County Public Schools, VACopyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more From the Back Cover In the Middle Ages the knight was the ultimate warrior. In his suit of armor, on his spirited horse, he could overcome any resistance-as in the eleventh century, when it took only seventy knights to conquer the entire civilized kingdom of Sicily! Today the movements of medieval warriors are preserved in the moves of pieces on a chessboard; and by going back to the life and times of the Middle Ages, Harvey Kidder is able to explain the game of chess in an uncommonly exciting way. Read more See all Editorial Reviews