Book Description

The Seasons & Cycles Moon Calendar for 2017 celebrates nature?s seasonal cycle and the eight fire festivals.With stunning colourful illustrations together with the lyrical descriptions of nature each month, we take you on a journey through the seasons of the year showing the phase of the Moon each day as well as other information to help you keep in harmony with nature's cycles.We?ve been designing our Moon diary and Moon calendars for over 10 years now. We?re based in the UK and this is the first time that we?ve brought three of our products to America via Amazon. We hope you like them! To see our best seller Moon Diary and Moon Calendar poster, search for Astrocal.To help our US customers we've included a handy time zone conversion card. This makes changing the time to your zone really easy! Calendar includes:Natures journey each monthPhase of the moon each dayMoon signsFull/new MoonFire Festivals times/dates Eight Fire Festival energiesPlanets visible in the night skySun/Moon rise/set times Shooting stars datesMoon?s pathEclipsesGMT - a handy time zone converter is included for all US time zonesNorthern Hemisphere190g9.5 x 9.5 inches For our Moon Diary and poster, do a search on Amazon for Astrocal. Read more