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From the Inside Flap Guide to tax and financial issues in divorce Divorce is a complicated and frustrating ordeal that forces people to honestly assess their lifestyles, needs, and real financial situations. It involves financial issues and guidelines that are often so complicated that they confuse even those accounting legal professionals who specialize in the area. The J.K. Lasser Pro Guide to Tax and Financial Issues in Divorce simplifies the process and serves both as a professional reference for lawyers, mediators, accountants, therapists, and valuation specialists and as a helpful guide for ordinary people facing a divorce. The J.K. Lasser Pro Guide to Tax and Financial Issues in Divorce includes easy-to-follow tools, checklists, forms, and overviews of tax, financial, and valuation concepts that meet the needs of professionals giving advice and laypersons going through a divorce. The detailed discussions of all the vital financial, tax, and valuation topics included here provide the professional advice needed to safeguard a client?s financial well-being and make the divorce process as quick and painless as possible. Practical and simple enough for nonprofessionals, it helps clients and attorneys understand these financial issues and find the right professionals to assist them. From the discovery phase to the final signatures, every tax and financial topic in divorce is included: Mediation and collaborative divorce Stock options Taxation of financial support Property transfers in divorce Filing status Allocation of itemized deductions Allocation of tax-related carryovers Allocation of estimated tax payments and tax refunds Innocent spouse rules, child care credits, and adoption credits Valuation of closely held businesses Business valuation approaches and standards As a professional resource for anyone who specializes in the area or as a helpful reference for dealing with the financial issues arising from your own divorce, the J.K. Lasser Pro Guide to Tax and Financial Issues in Divorce offers the sensible, balanced guidance you need. Read more From the Back Cover A straightforward and practical reference for the complicated tax and financial topics of divorce Professionals specializing in the field must understand the financial and tax aspects of divorce in more detail than ever before?and the issues are more complicated than ever before. The J.K. Lasser Pro Guide to Tax and Financial Issues in Divorce is designed to arm professionals with the information they need to best serve their clients in dealing with the complex finances of divorce. Practical and accessible enough for nonprofessionals, the book also helps those worrying over their own divorce understand the topics they must deal with. Examples, guidelines, forms, tools, and checklists complement expert discussion of these issues and more: Valuing interests in closely held companies Finding the right lawyer and accountant for your divorce Negotiating the settlement Tax implications Research and investigation in the discovery phase Subpoenas and requests for documentation Marital versus nonmarital property Analyzing and determining one?s true economic income Alimony and other maintenance payments Dissipation Mediation and collaborative law for divorce Please visit our Web site at Read more See all Editorial Reviews