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From the Back Cover Basics of Filing (Chap. 1) including: Which form to file ? Chap. 1 Filing as Head of Household ? Chap. 1 Filing for your children ? Chap. 1 Filing for married couples ? Chap. 1 What Must You Report as Income? (Chaps. 2?11) including: Fringe Benefits ? Chap. 3 Capital gains & losses ? Chap. 5 Traditional & Roth IRAs ? Chap. 8 Rental Income ? Chap. 9 What Deductions Can You Claim? (Chaps. 12?21) including: Moving expenses ? Chap. 12 Casualty Loss ? Chap. 18 Charitable deductions ? Chap. 14 Who is a dependent? ? Chap. 21 How Much Tax Do You Owe? (Chaps. 22?27) including: The AMT ? Chap. 23 Your child's tax ? Chap. 24 Personal tax credits ? Chap. 25 Estimated taxes ? Chap. 27 Strategies to Save You Taxes (Chaps. 28?39) including: Tax-free residence sales ? Chap. 29 Investing in securities ? Chap. 30 Armed forces rules ? Chap. 35 Tax credits for education ? Chap. 33 Planning Ideas for Your Business (Chaps. 40?45) including: Home office deduction ? Chap. 40 Keogh, Simple, or SEP ? Chap. 41 Auto expenses ? Chap. 43 Self-employment tax ? Chap. 45 Now That You're Done (Chaps. 46?49) including: Electronic filing ? Chap. 46 Filing extensions ? Chap. 46 IRS Audits ? Chap. 48 Amended returns ? Chap. 47 The Most Trusted Name in Tax For over 70 years, more than 39 million Americans have trusted J.K. Lasser to help them save money at tax time J.K. Lasser can save you MORE money! Visit today for: 365-day-a-year tax advice Tax planning strategies, whetheryou are ready to retire, buying a home, getting married, orplanning your estate Interactive forms and tools Free tax supplement ADDED BONUS: sign-up for FREEmonthly e-mail tax updates Easy-to-Use Format Explains Complex Tax Laws FILING TIPS and FILING INSTRUCTIONShelp you prepare your 2007 return PLANNING REMINDERS highlight year-end tax strategies for 2007 and planning opportunities for 2008 and later years CAUTIONS point out potential pitfalls toavoid and areas where you might expectIRS opposition LAW ALERTS indicate recent changes in the tax law and pending legislation before Congress COURT DECISIONS highlight key rulings from the Tax Court and other federal courts IRS ALERTS highlight key rulings andannouncements from the IRS Read more About the Author J.K. Lasser Institute has been the premier publisher of consumer tax guides since 1939, when Jacob Kay Lasser first published Your Income Tax. Since then, the guide has been published continuously for over sixty-five years and read by over 39,000,000 people. The J.K. Lasser Institute also publishes several personal finance books, including Small Business Taxes, Home Owner?s Tax Breaks, 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks, Year-Round Tax Planning, and more. J.K. Lasser Institute spokespeople are regularly sought after as media tax experts. They regularly appear on such broadcast programs as CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg TV. They are also often featured in numerous periodicals, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Self Magazine, The New York Times, Newsweek and Reader's Digest. Read more