Book Description

From the Back Cover A three-step system for dramatically improving the impact of and results from your business writing The best business writing has its own distinct rules. It must be friendly without being chatty, professional without being stuffy, and results-oriented without being overbearing. Business Writing for Results explains what those rules are and shows you how to work within them to write E-mails, letters, and reports that are clear, convincing, and direct--all in one-third less time! Combining an easy-to-follow, workplace-proven model with case studies, hands-on exercises, and more, this no-nonsense book shows you how to target each reader personally, convey the proper image, supply motivation to take specific actions, and more. Turn to any page to discover the secrets to: Reports that persuade and influence decision makers E-mails and letters that get straight to the point Web copy that encourages interactivity Training materials that motivate students to learn E-mail subject lines that get your messages opened first Each day, your career success depends on what you write and how you write it. Let Business Writing for Results provide you with the tips, rules, and guidelines you need to make each of your written business messages urgent, unambiguous, and designed to produce the outcome you want. Read more About the Author Jane K. Cleland is an internationally popular business trainer and speaker. Regularly interviewed on network business programs and in national business publications, she is the author of a number of business books, including Putting First What Matters Most: Strategies for Success at Work and in Life. Read more