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Review ?Al Kuebler's book, 'Technical Impact' will help you keep your IT relevant and make your career count.? --CIO Magazine?The first 5-6 chapters really hit home. I bought 3 more copies and sent them to my VP, CIO, and President. The great insight on pages 12 and 13 reinforce the great strategic solutions provided.? --Jerry Morin, Account Executive - More Direct Inc.?I recently picked up your book, Technical Impact, from Amazon and I can't put it down. I especially enjoy your approach to improving the quality of IT Service Delivery. I refer to it often when I need understandable and practical IT management guidance that I can actually use.? --Patrick Cooper, Manager, IT Client Services - Cole Capital'This book breathes life into the concept that IT is not about bits and bytes. It lays out an excellent roadmap to help any business transform IT from a cost center to a cost avoider and value adder. It also provides sage advice on a personal level for career development: including how to pick the right employer! It is a must read not only for IT professionals but for any business leader (or soon to be leader).' --Chrys Varnes, Principal - Xerox Global Services?This tremendously useful guide shows us how to foster collaboration and empower IT professionals to actively contribute to business strategy and leadership.? --Abe Eshkenazi, CEO, APICS - The Association for Operations Management?The reader gets a rare opportunity to understand IT's true role in the business world and how it breeds it own success by focusing on the success of the businesses it serves.?--Gary Langmeyer, Business Programs Manager - IBM Global Services?Every chapter contains valuable insights into being a partner with the businesses that we in IT serve and how to initiate beneficial changes for their customers. Required knowledge for every IT Manager.?--Jim Bishopp, JB Consulting?His is advice that transcends industry specialty or professional discipline. The knowledge in this book will make your cost for IT ever more productive.? --Preston Blevins, CFPIM, FBPICS, CIRM, CSCP - Author of 'Food Safety Regulatory Compliance'?This is a fun book, but its well-reasoned lessons range from the need for client focus to the perils of vendor management, from tactics for political gamesmanship to the dangers of arrogance. They address individual issues, such as career management, team issues like empowerment and organizational issues including best practices. It's a primer for IT managers and executives.? --William Richmond, Ph.D., Professor - Information Systems and Economics - Western Carolina University (WCU)?Thank you for taking the time out to write this book. I'm an IT professional, and although you don't claim it to be, I feel this will be my blueprint for attaining my CIO goal. I've learned so much from your experiences. Again, Thank you!? --J.C. Brillant, --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Read more From the Author C-level executives increasingly believe that the IT function must take the initiative to introduce beneficial change into their business and actively help target and lead it, especially due to its cross-functional view and its knowledge of emerging technologies.And, at least from my experience, they aren't likely to think much of IT managers who don't believe that themselves.So, to try and help accelerate IT's ever more strategic leadership role as an equal partner in the business (and some of what I've learned took me several tries), I've found practical and proven ways to:Improve IT professionals' understanding of the vital role that IT plays in business success;Communicate this understanding effectively to business professionals at all levels, in business terms;Engage in an ongoing collaboration process with all aspects of the business through active interest, involvement and initiative;Actively support the IT team so that it is comfortable enough to routinely lead the business to better ways; and,Develop a 'part of it, proud of it' attitude within a strategically integrated (not aligned) IT asset management function. More importantly, the book explains how IT professionals and general managers can use collaboration, communication and persuasion to do these things.In summary, I would offer you this guidance: building and keeping linked-destiny business relationships is how an effective IT asset management program is best achieved.The principles involved, unlike our changing world of technology, are constant.--Al Kuebler Read more See all Editorial Reviews