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Review 'A good read' (Supply Management, May 2015) Read more From the Inside Flap The ability to instantly adapt to changing conditions is the key to success in today's marketplace. The Analytics Revolution shows you how you can integrate insights from the analysis of data, both big and small, into your daily operations. The analytics revolution is already here, and it aims to make analytics embedded, operational processes instead of external, batch processes. Airlines use analytics to prioritize and reroute passengers in real time. Banks constantly analyze account activity patterns to prevent and detect fraud. Users' social media and e-commerce experiences are customized based on up-to-the-second information. You can implement similar capabilities, and the first step is to understand what the analytics revolution is all about and how to join it. Bill Franks has built his career on a talent for explaining complex analytics to business audiences. In The Analytics Revolution, you'll learn how to cut through the clutter and leverage the trends and processes that will keep you ahead of your competitors. In this book, Bill uses his characteristic clarity to guide you through the process of building teams, creating culture, updating analytics methodologies, and leveraging technology to evolve your organization to operational analytics. The Analytics Revolution shows exactly what making analytics operational means for you and how to start evolving your organization toward using operational analytics for better, faster, more effective decision making. Written in a style that's accessible to anyone, regardless of background, The Analytics Revolution provides a scalable framework for embedding analytics within all sorts of business processes. This book is for managers and business leaders looking for a way to keep up and move ahead by building a foundation of analytics on which an organization can thrive. Read more See all Editorial Reviews